Hello world!

Dear World,

My mind has always had this knack for conjuring ironies and so it sounded like one grand idea for us to launch our Singularity blog on the day of the Cupid where couples all over the world rejoice over their not-single status. We are, well, not opposed or against being not-single (without the insight of psychoanalysis), but things are what they are and we’re here to talk about it.

Due to the fact that E has obligatory duty to the nation, I shall have the honor of writing this first post of this whimsical endeavor of ours.

I hope you have all had a fine Valentine’s Day. By that, I mean no mishaps, no hearts trampled and left to writhe in regretful agony, no meanies rubbing your single status in your face. And for those who have a valentine, no arguments, no bickering, no inappropriate gifts, and that you were able to end the day still bearing pockets with surmountable holes and wonderful memories to keep in stock till the next year.

Well, all my past V days have been spent with my girl pals (yes, those youthful days donning our school uniforms, so carefree and without a care for the hazardous world out there), my cool mum and other friends in school. Still remember giving out chocolates to everyone you know in school? And then discussing the romantic antics of the several known couples in your class and social circle, and then speculating crushes, victims of unrequited love, maybe?

Well, I was at the mall this afternoon. It was full of people holding in their hands scented things in all possible shades of pink, among many other creative gifts, and a lot more couples than usual with the V-day look on their faces. I must say it was quite fun to just people-watch.

The V-day look. Some of them are quite easy to spot. These are the people who depend on one day to show their affection to their other half. Some of them are even easier to spot. They make use of this special day to confess their secret admiration and so there is that added layer of awkward unfamiliarity that has been made saccharine by a profession of I-like-you-so-much. And then there are those who have been going out for quite some time. Those are the ones not easy to spot because they have been dating for a longer period of time and the different personalities become significantly more visible and colour their interactions. Sometimes you can’t tell if they are siblings, cousins, platonic friends or enemies who are trying to give falling in love a shot.

Well, what I can say to all the Singles out there tonight, spending time with friends or just yourself, treasure your current solitude, because one day, the day will arrive when you will be ripped of your singular status and be forced to relive these moments of solitude through mere reminiscence.

Of course, you might question my trust in serendipity. Well, I believe in the cyclical nature of things and happenings. What doesn’t happen now will eventually occur. Many people trust destiny, fate or whatever you call it, but everything is actually the same thing because we will never know what is to come, which, I must force you to believe, is part of the beauty of this life that we all lead.

Sure, unexpectedness can cause a lot of things to be screwed up and make a massive mass, but it can also surprise you beautifully and leave you glowing with the crazy feeling of bliss. And you know a lot of things in life are like this. We should all get used to this.

I guess this is it. I’m off to spend the rest of the night watching Titanic on Channel 5 and gawk at how young Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio looked back then when they were on the doomed ship together, and then go on to lament about how time degrades our physical appearance but dignifies our inner strength.

Don’t be too sad; it’s only one day. We will all seem ordinarily normal tomorrow.


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