Who needs them?

“Well, what I can say to all the Singles out there tonight, spending time with friends or just yourself, treasure your current solitude, because one day, the day will arrive when you will be ripped of your singular status and be forced to relive these moments of solitude through mere reminiscence.”

That, I quote from S’s V-day post.

Incidentally, mere coincidence or not, the novel I was reading had this tiny portion on solidarity. And it goes something like this.

Solitude is a wonderful thing. First, it allows a man to be with himself. And second, it prevents him from being with others.

To be sociable is a risky thing- even fatal- because it means being contact with people, most of whom are dull, perverse and ignorant and are really with you only because they cannot bear their own company. Most people bore themselves and greet you not as a friend but as a distraction.

That about sums it all right now.  And with that, I greet our fellow readers out there. It’s E here as S has decided to refer me as. It’s exactly been a week since V day, and I’m here for my take on this very special day.

And in case the whole point of this little blog of ours hasn’t been clear enough, we celebrate solitude. There’s nothing quite like being by yourself. And let’s face it, at some point of our lives, we’ll be all alone. And when that happens, rather than fretting and wallowing in self pity, you’d be far better off embracing your own company and relishing yourself in it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’d say you’re far from convinced.

So how did V day go for everyone?

I’m afraid it went down in a pretty dull manner for me. Obligations to the nation you see? Not that it would make a difference anyway. I think I’m really getting used to being alone.

And I like that a lot. Sometimes I do wish I were with someone, anyone. But lately, I find myself thinking about things more often, taking stock of my life, and figuring out who I am and what is it that I want to be. And I can’t yet tell if there’s going to be another special someone in this grand plan of mine. What I do know is that it’s going to be just me for quite sometime.

But as S says, the serendipity of things and the fortuitous nature of life may just surprise us with the most pleasant of things when we least expect it.

So to fellow singles out there. Fret not. I’m sure when you least expect it, whatever you were waiting for will just fall into your laps.

Lastly, from the angsty guy with obligations to the nation, enjoy being alone on this Valentine’s day. You’re too awesome for everyone else. And to fellow readers who had chanced upon this blog and this particular post, screw those couples. Being single means you’re available when this guy drops neatly in your laps.

And to fellow guys, you get to play the part, if you have the bod, and the specs.


Till next time.


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