White Valentine’s Day.

It is very sad.

The country with a longstanding tradition of celebrating White Valentine’s Day is currently in a shambles. I wonder if this is some sick joke courtesy of the planet.

Today is White Day, known by some as the opposite of the non-white one a month earlier, the day where guys are expected to return gifts to the girl(s) who had given him chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Freak disasters have been striking all parts of the Earth for many years and have begun to intensify in the last few years. Sometimes people on one end never know what happened on the other end as life goes on for the majority of the global population and also because some people don’t care. Sometimes it takes a disaster of a certain minimum magnitude for it to hit global headlines and get enough attention and help, but any other way they get swept under the radar and under the carpet and left to fend for themselves save for the few neighbours who were kind enough to lend a helping hand.

The day after news of the Japan earthquake broke out, I watched the morning news on CNA. There were 5 minutes of report on the extent of devastation wrecked in the shaken areas, another 5 minutes of report on the various rescue teams flying from different countries to aid Japan and immediately continued by 1242938573454 minutes of how THE ECONOMY is going to be affected by the occurrence of the quake.

I know that this world operates on money. Obviously I exaggerated the number of minutes. But the fact that that is the one top concern only half a freaking day after the disaster occurred shows how much love people in position harbor for the rest of the population who has to deal with something called misfortune. I’m not saying that they should all quit their jobs and become saint-like humanitarians, but a little more sensitivity will go a long way.

The Japanese are very strong people. Their shrines will protect them and the soon-to-bloom cherry blossom will fill them with renewed hope.

And they will always have Hello Kitty.


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