Mr E’s 20th Birthday.

Yup. That’s me!

I’ve made an appearance!

I’ve always felt a little guilty for not contributing to this blog as much and as often as S does. I’ll be lying if I said it was because I had nothing to write about. I have ideas, and I like to think they are interesting enough. Unfortunately, I have to confess I’m far too lazy and far too uninspired at times to pen down my thoughts. And for that, I apologise. And here’s a shout out to S. THANKS!

So what better time to redeem myself than on this momentous day?

The day I turn TWENTY.

I think some part in me still hasn’t gotten around the idea. Like I know I’m 20 but I don’t know I’m 20. Notice the subtle difference?

This year, my birthday was unusually quiet and peaceful. It was spent with family and it was fairly pleasant. I think that’s just what I need right now, an idyllic birthday.

Truth be told, the goings-on these days are really taking a toll on me. Not that I’m against all the action; it’s good to feel a sense of purpose because it gives you something to focus on, a distraction. But there’s only some much  the body can take, and so much the mind can withstand.

The thing about army is that when the going gets tough, more often than not, you feel like you’re not going to make it. You whine a little, you give up a little, you complain and you feel like the world is upon the shoulders. In the end, as in all other situations one finds himself in in the service, you grit your teeth and before you know it, everything is over. But I’m glad for such experiences, it helps you realise what you’re capable of.

But yeah, a quiet birthday. You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to celebrate your birthday on your own? Sure, you may receive well wishes all over, your cell, various social media platforms, but what if one day, you find yourself sitting behind a table alone, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake your bought on your own? No family, no friends. How would that make you feel?

As much as I adore time spent with myself, I shudder to imagine myself ever in such a position.

Wide as the sky is, spanning from an end to another, the sun is always there, be it shrouded with clouds or not. At night, the stars linger and the moon shines languidly.

What would the sky be like without them?


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