Mr E’s entrance into the TWOs.

Today is Mr. E’s birthday.

People often talk about the Terrible Twos for kids – the period when they begin to walk around, destroy furniture, babble non-stop, scream ever more louder, demanding things…(the list goes on, but since I don’t have kids yet, I think it’s prudent to stop here, with things that adults are equally capable of…)

Well, since I’m already TWOs zone myself, it’s nothing terrible, really.

After all, it’s only the first year. Still got plenty of time.

I’m just hoping by the time we both leave The Zone, we’d both have found another sky each to move on in real life, one with another sun for me and another raincloud for E, though if not…we can just stay here. (It’s not a bad thing.)

Okay, bad twist of dark humor, I know. My writing skills are practically zilch now, fun blog writing skills have been diminishing because more academic writing is all I’ve been doing recently. But it’s okay, I hold hope that one day they will gain enough guts to slay their foes and fears. If that makes sense to you.

Some things are not meant to make sense and perhaps understanding them is not the point. (Read this French poem.)

No Need by Alain Bosquet
The elephant’s trunk
is for picking up pistachios:
no need to bend over.
The giraffe’s neck
is for grazing on stars:
no need to fly.
The chameleon’s skin,
green, blue, lavender, white,
as it wishes,
is for hiding from ravenous animals:
no need to flee.
The turtle’s shell,
is for sleeping inside,
even in winter:
no need for a house.
The poet’s poem,
is for saying all of that
and a thousand thousand thousand other things:
no need to understand.


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