Dating in this Technological Era

I read a really interesting article yesterday.  It was a pretty interesting take on “internet dating”.

Of course, the writer of the article lives in the U.S. and we all know what sort of crazy tales the Americans are capable of, but that doesn’t mean some parts of it can never materialize themselves in the people around us. The Internet is expanding way faster than anyone can possibly fathom. I think a lot of crazy tales go unheard by most people.

I think the term Internet dating typically refers to people who use online dating sites to look for dates/potential partners. You know, they scout these websites with specific goals in their minds. If you don’t know what I mean, you haven’t been reading The Straits Times’ Sunday Lifestyle section conscientiously enough. There was an article recently about Singaporeans who are very eligible bachelors/bachelorettes but are unable to find partners for themselves. It is very sad but very not surprising.

Sometimes I really think people are governed by this all-excompassing sphere of self-fulfiling prophecies. There is also the innate tendency to deviate towards dystopia. Over-consumption of everything – technology, technology, technology.

I hope I die before the Internet permanently replaces face-to-face communication.

This post is not really about dating. I do not like dating. Also do not like technology. Think I’ve been born into the wrong era.


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