What do you see?

In your better half, and in your friends, what do you see and what do you seek?

What do you look for?

I’ve never been much of a friend person; because I firmly believe that having friends complicate things. It puts you into certain moral and ethical dilemmas, and frankly, I wouldn’t fancy being put on the spot. It’s far too draining and frustrating.

Yet if nothing of the sort happens, you’ll feel like your friendship is just on the surface, superficial, superfluous. The other party probably doesn’t trust you enough to share their problems.

But when they do, you’ll feel like you’re carrying your friends’ burden and load, and you might not want that. Yes, friends ought to go through thick and thin right? And it’ll be selfish on your part to think otherwise.


So I suppose that’s why I enjoy being alone, because it leaves you aloof and neutral. You’re never caught up in too much drama and it keeps your life simple. Life’s far too complicated to make it any more complex no?

But you know what?

Lately I’ve come to realize the importance of having that special someone, or that special group that you can just be yourself; and whine, and throw tantrums, laugh, have fun and have solemn and serious discussions about the future.

And I think they are called friends too.


Life is so paradoxical.


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