My 20th July

The weather this July seems to be much milder as compared to the past years. Actually, I don’t really remember how the weather was really like in the past Julys that I’ve experienced, which goes to show how important it is to journal and diary consistently so that you remember all these details that will be living proof of the fact that you lived through these years and did not merely frolic and whisk through the ages.

Right now, at the top of this screen, WordPress is telling me, “Howdy! Your current theme, Duster, has seen an update in the form of a brand new theme, Twenty Eleven. For more information, check out our blog post introducing Twenty Eleven to the world.” Which is very amusing to me because, together with many other things, it makes me feel incredibly slow in this virtual sphere of information technology.

Actually the subject today is that it’s my time to post something here and the only news that I have to share is that, if I have not a boyfriend for myself by the time I graduate from the tertiary institution that I’m currently enrolled in, my friend will take matchmaking affairs into her own hands and make sure that my life experiences will be more complete, because no man is an island.

Of course I hope she’s just seriously joking.

I’ll be very well-prepared for the upcoming new year. My new New Year resolution is that I will not become a victim of matchmaking. I will need to come up with more convincing arguments to win the debates to defend singularity.


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