Are you attached?

Thanks, E, I hope so too, but only in the way that people always hope for good things to happen to them, which doesn’t happen most of the time because well, life is never easier for those who wish for it to be. And you should be wary too, of your friends having similar plans, especially friends who are attached. I think it’s part of their coping mechanism towards having single friends. You know, they’d feel bad about having a partner when their good pal does not.

I cannot even begin to describe how your previous post is so very true.

So in university, this is what’s been happening, and it started out to be very annoying, but Then I thought it’d be more fun in life to think of it as amusing instead. Usually people begin with, “So, do you have a boyfriend?” And I’ll produce some sort of an awkward half-laugh and say, “Uh, no.” They will try to hide surprised looks and go, “Really?” (insert short pause) “Is it cos’ your standards too high? You confirm got a lot of people woo one.” And I’ll be like, another half-laugh, “Hahaha, no, don’t have.” And then sometimes they will give some sort of odd look that will make me think that they are going to change the subject because they think it’s possible I’m not straight. Which I must say is very funny to me, how people have the tendency to jump to many conclusions, stereotypical. Well, I’m guilty of that sometimes too, but, at least I’m conscious of it, okay, some people are not. Hmm.

And yes, what’s with the stigma?

Though I must admit that all the years of reading teen novels about middle school and high school romance and watching blockbuster romantic comedies feel a little wasted because I never got to experience them, but at least I read the books and watched the movies right? Hahahaha. It’s still better than not having read and watched and experience them.

And in response to the depressive last sentence of E’s previous post, I quote Lawrence Block,

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.

and consider watching Match Point (dir. Woody Allen). It’s not totally related, but, the protagonist in it believed a lot in luck.

Maybe we’re just still not lucky enough yet.

After all, doesn’t the old adage go, “Better to have nothing at all than to have something bad.”


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