Where’s Cupid?

I’ll cut to the chase. I’m oh so guilty for not contributing to this blog. My last post is dated July 2011. Gasp! That’s about 6 months ago!

It’s always easy to use National Service as an excuse; and how useful and all encompassing it is. It doesn’t take much to say you’re pressed for time, or you’re too tired or too uninspired to do something, anything! And who would call me out for it?!

So how have I been? Everything’s keeping to the status quo. I’m still single, and not particularly interested in getting involved anytime soon. And as I pen this down, I find it pretty curious. Shall we talk about this then? Since I feel it’s going to be quite interesting a topic to discuss.

Do not even get me started on the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m attached, and if not when I would be.

Somewhere down the road, I think I devised a standard reply to the fore mentioned questions; “Maybe in University.”

And this reply is so often used that I think I believed it myself eventually.

And now that University life is fast approaching, I can’t help but ask myself, really? Picking up on excuses, it seems the future provides a pretty fertile ground to nurse and grow your excuses.

I was always bewildered by how some of my friends were constantly on the pursuit/prowl for relationships. I never did understand their need for companionship. For a while, it did bother me how I wasn’t as interested in getting hitched. I’m perfectly fine on my own; and I’ve gotten by pretty well for the past 20 years. I didn’t see why my friends found immense purpose/need in finding themselves a boyfriend/girlfriend.

And even if I did want to get into a relationship, it’s probably harder as a guy to do so in University no? Girls just have to wait to be pursued, well most of the time anyway. Thoughts, S? Or any personal stories to share? Hahs.

And this reminds me of a semi documentary interview segment thingy on RazorTV I caught online the other day. They were asking if girls would date guys that were shorter than them. And it should come as no surprise that the answer, the majority anyway, is a big resounding NO. At this point, I should clarify that I’m not the tallest guy around the block. Which means even if I were interested and looking to get myself attached, I’ll probably be less than successful.

But that’s besides the point really.

Because I’m not looking to get myself attached, and I can’t seem to justify it. This must be the work of the conformist alter subconscious ego of mine.

Anyway, it’s a little over 2 weeks to Valentine’s. Who are you going to spend it with? I know I won’t be alone.


One thought on “Where’s Cupid?

  1. Eh you nothing much to do right. 😀 Go and change the blog theme! This theme is getting old. We need a new one for the new year! And after changing the theme, you’ll feel like blogging more. Really. Hahahahhaa

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