Cupid’s nowhere and everywhere

So, yes, updates on the status quo, though it’s barely 2 months since my last post. Well, obviously if you know me well enough, 2 months is too short for anything to happen to one’s status quo.

Still single and still liking it very much. I think it’s better to have friends and be free.

But that’s hardly any reason to not deliberate about things like trying to find a partner for life because even though I find the idea of opening an old folks’ home in the future a very benevolent and meaningful plan…

Well, E, I have not much opinions and personal stories to share, though. I think people have different expectations. For me, it’s something like the adage, “when it happens, it happens”. So, still waiting for it to happen.

I think things always have the tendency to happen when we least expect them. We always try to expect and anticipate good stuff, but some of the better stuff always seem to happen simply by virtue of us lacking the expectation and hence the level of better-ness elevates itself. If you know what I mean.

Elusive is the nature of Cupid.

I always think it will happen and I’ll think,

Wow, where did that come from?

And then some things will begin to make new sense, and some other things will still don’t make sense but that’s okay, because not everything makes sense – which is what makes life so funnily awesome sometimes.

And I realize this blog is now one year old!

Here’s to another year of a splendid sky.


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