Happy Vday!

This post comes one day late, well, technically only half a day late, but still. I have a better excuse than E. I was busy with school and busy with work and busy with trying to deal with prioritizing things.

Here’s how my 21st Vday went down:

  • Slept at 230am after hours of doing schoolwork
  • Woke up at 630am in order to make it for 830am class
  • Spent several hours at the library researching on an essay about Tumblr
  • Ate Macdonalds for dinner with friend after class ended at 7
  • Got home at 1030pm and slept at 1230am


That’s the way it goes down for the ordinary folks. It was quite the peaceful normal day. The only thing that reminded me of the Vday fact was the little muffin present from another girlfriend and the fact that I sent a SMS to an old friend whose birthday falls on Vday wishing her Happy Birthday and she wished me back Happy Vday and so I replied with Happy Vday too!

It was all quite customary, but I guess the ordinary of things is what keeps us grounded sometimes in our reality, because too much fantastical thinking is what makes people unbelievably unrealistic. Don’t really know if that makes sense, but I think sometimes the lull of things is just part of the cycle that makes up life. Can’t have excitement always, because then it would mean something is going to get really wrong later. That’s my personal opinion about the naturalization of things.

I don’t really know what to say anymore… It feels like the stuff I’ve been able to put into words are getting old and the things that I’ve been wanting to say I don’t know how to put them in words yet.


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