Hitherto to my University Orientation Camp, I’ve never come across the term.

S E C R E T P A L S .

Word has it a certain Single and Desperate and Unwanted organisation actually funds University camps to promote interaction amongst singles in a social setting. For what? Perhaps in a bid to increase our scarily low birth rates.


I’m certainly not adversed to the idea of making new friends. In fact I think it’s a great opportunity to do so. Where else can you find like minded people? Where else will you be forced to interact? Where else can you find activities dedicated for the sole purpose of extending your social circle?

Are you waiting for my dissenting view?

Well, there isn’t going to be one.

I think it’s a wonderful idea!

Certainly, it is embarrassing at first. And what are the chances that you’d find someone really like-minded when the organisers are purported to pair people according to where they live so that they can go home together (AW…).  I think the whole point is really just to make more friends (and in this case, they’re making sure you make friends from the opposite gender). And it’s fun! The blind folds are really a PLUS.

How often have we dismissed a person or judged a person based on their appearance only to find that he or she becomes your closest friend after? So really, the blind folds eliminate your prejudice.

Ultimately though, Secret Pals only go so far.

Unless well, both parties are genuinely attracted to each other.

Is university really the time for some action?


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