Mr E’s monologue.

Almost forgot about this little cozy corner.

If you recall, University has befallen Mr E.

Into the fourth week of school, it is a bit daunting.

Aside from the mountain of readings, Mr E kinda feels like he really doesn’t click with the majority of the crowd.

Sure, there’s definitely a handful of like minded people out there (fortunately!), but he can’t help but feel a little out of the place. Like he’s missing something that everyone seem to be a part of. 

And it begs the question of why Mr E feels the need to conform? Is it for a sense of belonging? 

Or does it boil down to not wanting to be alone?




One thought on “Mr E’s monologue.

  1. Oh man. It sounds like university is not agreeing with you very well. Actually I guess it’s kind of somewhat like a period of time when you have to readjust your whole sphere of environment into one that involves a whole new level of social interaction that’s different from in secondary school and jc. I also don’t know. Hahahaha

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