Grey is a nice colour, black’s too intense, white’s too plain.

So E is back for an update.

And… well, there’s nothing new and exciting to report on.  (sorry to disappoint S)

E is still single and available! At the same time, he still hangs out with X.

E doesn’t know how he would describe his relationship with X. E and X are not exactly dating, yet there is a fair bit of flirting – on X’s part that is.

E is especially cautious when it comes to sending the wrong signals, because the last thing he wants to do is mislead X (In retrospect, perhaps this means he doesn’t like X that much). Then again, X often accuses E of using his head too much, and that E allows his brain to lead the way instead of his heart. E doesn’t know what to think or what to feel.

E has been reading 40daysofdating, and E can sorta identify with the male lead. E too doesn’t like things to be in black and white, and likes things to be ambiguous. He is also mindful of hurting X, because he wants to remain good friends with X.

E doesn’t see what X sees in him. X says that E is very endearing, and that X can’t seem to get enough of E.

Does E feel the same way? Does E want to feel the same way?

E doesn’t know what will happen, and he doesn’t want to think about it.

Like the old adage, perhaps the best thing for E to do now is to well,

Let nature take its course. 




9 thoughts on “Grey is a nice colour, black’s too intense, white’s too plain.

      1. Yes yes of course! I was very upset because the bg doesn’t go with it and I couldn’t find something that goes with the theme. The city looks very fitting!

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