Not alone in this – this is how we should live

This is in essence what I have been trying to describe.

Mr. Roman Krznaric has put things so much more eloquently:

We can navigate these difficulties of love — and enhance its joys — by grasping the significance of two great tragedies in the history of the emotions. The first is that we have lost knowledge of the different varieties of love that existed in the past, especially those familiar to the ancient Greeks, who knew love could be discovered not just with a sexual partner, but also in friendships, amongst strangers, and with themselves. The second tragedy is that over the last thousand years, these varieties have been incorporated into a mythical notion of romantic love, which compels us to believe that they can all be found in one person, a unique soulmate. We can escape the confines of this inheritance by looking for love outside the realm of romantic attachments, and cultivating its many forms.

– How We Should Live: History’s Forgotten Wisdom on Love, Time, Family, Empathy, and Other Aspects of the Art of Living

One of the most affecting articles I’ve read this year.

Realised that the very vital bits in our humanity rest on their hinges with our past, our history, the forgotten, those who were older than we, and our (in)sanity.

Make some sense of it before it’s too late after joining ranks with them and having no crap significant enough to contribute meaningfully.

What is but all a congealed mess of bright and shine fizzling out following the illumination of the night.


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