E had a tarot reading.

Okay. More like I fired up the tarot app in my iPhone and did an impromptu reading.

But first, I guess I should mention how it came about to that.

I think it all goes back to this mutual friend my elder brother and I share, though more his friend than mine. She got married earlier this month, at the age of 25/26.

Now just to put things into context, she’s brilliant. She works in the army now because she is a Mindef/SAF scholar, went to school in UChic and Cambridge, was from S’s alma mater, a dancer, violinist, simply, put a driven, outstanding young woman for someone her age. And her husband, equally brilliant and awe-inspiring.

Needless to say, it came as a surprise when we learnt that she was getting married so soon.

And it got me thinking, would I do the same if I were in their position? If I had a stable job, someone I loved, would I take the next step, and say my vows at 25 years old?

I can’t say for certain what I’d do to be honest. It could be that I was always some sort of a marriage skeptic. Or that I think I’m way too much of a commitment-phobe. But these days, I’m not so sure anymore, I’m not so sure about one too many things.

It’s not that I’m longing to be a relationship or anything. I still do enjoy going out on my own, and doing my own thing at my own time. But increasingly, I’ve been experiencing this sense of meaninglessness to everything. That there’s really no point in life if there’s no one to share your joy with, or talk to when you’re down or upset.

But anyhow, that’s how I finally decided to do something about it, I took out my iPhone and the results are below (don’t judge).


So this is what the future holds for my relationship woes. What do you see?

After a quick search on google, apparently the ten of pentacles mean:

Interpretations for love and relationships

Ten of Pentacles shows a woman staring at a man in a satisfied manner. Meanwhile, both of them are surrounded with ten coins, two dogs, a child and an old man. All this can be taken as a very good omen for a relationship. Just take a look at the indirect terms associated with all that is described earlier.

· Man and woman staring at each other- Attraction
· Ten coins- Wealth
· Two Dogs- Strong guards
· Child- What every couple wants in the end
· Old man- Wisdom
For a relationship, such terms represent a wise investment because they are linked to love, happiness, security, vision about the future and thoughtfulness. In other words, they show that the two people are together because they just know that they are fit for each other. Another meaning associated with the card is growing bond. This can be used for a relationship which is reaching the maturity stage. But the good news is that although the honeymoon period is over the two lovers do not hesitate to dream about having a future together. Consider yourself lucky if you receive this tarot card for your relationship.
Unfortunately, that was not what I saw.
· Man and woman staring at each other- Attraction
· Ten coins- Wealth
· Two Dogs- Strong guards
· Child- What every couple wants in the end
· Old man- Me, old, lonely, looking at a young family in love with everything going for them.
Does it not look like that? Or is it just me?

One thought on “E had a tarot reading.

  1. My first thoughts were exactly like yours – must be the old man pining for what the couple has, his 背影 seems to be filled with some youthful regret that he lost his chance to become that couple when he was younger.

    That wisdom interpretation just seems very random and out of place to me.

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